Certification Preparation

STEP 1. 

Review, Download, & Complete your CE and Professional Activity Records

The following downloads provide all templates and guidance necessary to complete your application. 

Reference the Application Checklist - To complete the above two documents reference the Application Checklist for the proper file naming  to ensure entries use the proper naming convention. (See Handbook Appendix B and C for examples).

CE Documentation Record - Record CE activities earned over the past three years on the CE Documentation Record. (see Section 3.2 of the Handbook). The CE certificate must contain language that supports the activity is from an accredited or approved provider or an accredited approver.

CE Certificates - Download all CE certificates recorded on CE Documentation Record.

Professional Activity Record - Record all professional activities earned over the past five years on the Professional Activity Record. (see Section 3.2.2 of the Handbook)

     CRN Preceptor Form - Complete if applicable for documentation of preceptorship

     CRN Mentorship Form - Complete if applicable for documentation of mentorship

Resume Template - Refer to Handbook Appendix E for detailed instructions. 

Professional Exemplar - Refer to Handbook Section 3.4 for detailed instructions.

STEP 2. 

Complete your Resume

Using the resume template in Appendix E, revise your current resume and save using the naming convention.

STEP 3. 

Write your exemplars

Per Section 3.4 of the Candidate Handbook, an exemplar is a narrative or story about a topic that reflects the CRNs practice/experience/expertise. Describe what was learned from the experience and how this experience allowed you to grow professionally as a CRN. 

Your exemplar should provide evidence of clinical research nursing practice excellence specifically related to the following topics:

• Professional Development

• Professional Practice

• Team Focus and Interprofessional Collaboration

• Quality and Safety

Save your exemplar document and ensure all parameters are met. Refer to Appendix F for grading rubrics.

STEP 4. 

Submit your application

You've done it! It's time to submit! 

Click the button below to complete the application and upload your portfolio documents.